Taking care of the Strains of Life


Chiropractic Life Center takes a caring and conservative approach to treating the strains of life. We understand your discomforts and will meet you in your time of need. 



Auto Accidents

Whiplash of the spine.

Severe injury occurs during car crashes that leave you restless and miserable in the both short term and long term. Our treatment helps your body back into alignment and allows you to heal quickly and properly.

Work Injuries

Mistakes do happen.

A sudden or unguarded movement can leave you in spasm and no longer able to complete your daily tasks. Proper rehabilitation is crucial to return you to work as strong as you were before the injury.



Massage Therapy

stress and tension cause pain.

Muscular tension and pain can be seen on the same continuum. The more stress or tension in your tissues the more pain you will feel throughout your body. Massage therapy is effective to release this tension and stress and give you relief. 

Spinal Alignment

The spinal column is your foundation.

When there is a misalignment in your bones it can lead to a multitude of problems most of which will leave you with pain and discomfort.